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Solventless Floor Paint

Solventless Floor Paint

This ZBH-3 solventless floor paint is a kind of concrete floor coatings with flow auto matically abrasion resistant merits. It is widely used in the electronic and medical industries with the merits of floor paint flows automatically and strong resistance to compression, crack, abrasion, dust, water, cream, solvent, contamination and chemical, firm, smooth, environmentally friendly, and highly flexible, and elegant appearance, great level ability, and thick coating. Also, the solventless floor paint (concrete floor coatings) can be applied to the floor surfaces with special requirements of abrasion, compression and impact resistant.
The floor paint (concrete floor coatings) is made of solventless modified epoxy resin and superior curing agent.

1. Keep the base surface free from oil, dust, and sundries, and the treated cement base have to be promptly painted with seal coat so as to prevent secondary contamination.
2. When preparing the solventless floor paint, it has to be stated that the paste and curing agent should be fully mixed in rigid accordance with the required mixture ratio. The floor paint is just better for immediate use, and there is should be 20-30 minute curing needed of the mixture before the usage. And it is better to use up within 3 hours.
3. When processing the base coating and intermediate coating, operator can add the abrasion resistant filler proportionally to the mixed paint, and stir until it is uniform before spread coating. The weight ratios of the anti-abrasion filler to the base coating and floating coating are respectively 100:350-400, and 100:200-250.


Item Performance
Drying Time Surface Drying ≤ 4
h Complete Drying ≤ 24
Hardness ≥0.70
Gloss ≤50%
Adhesion Grade 1
Impact Strength (cm) 50
Flexibility (mm) 1
Abrasion Resistance (mg) ≤10
Water Resistance (7 days underwater) Uniform
Salt Fog Resistance Class (1000h) 1
Resistance to 20% Sulfuric Acid Uniform
Resistance to 20%NaOH (30 days) Uniform
Gasoline Resistance (60 days) Uniform

Founded in 1976, Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and supplier of solventless floor paint. Besides solventless floor paint, we can also provide anti rust primer (rust proofing primer), polyurethane coating, wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and so on. All of our products have passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. Our products have been well received by customers from Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa. If you need high quality solventless floor paint and want to know more information, please contact us freely.

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