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  • Acrylic Finish CoatingThe acrylic finish coating (acrylic paint) can only be used under the conditions that the substrate temperature is at least 3℃ higher than the dew point, and the relative humidity is less than 85%. And also it needs to remove oil, dust and other pollutants from the surface properly, or scrub it clean with the thinner for the acrylic finish coating. The acrylic finish coating (acrylic paint) can be applied to freeboard, water line, and superstructure of vessels, as well as metal structures and concrete for ...
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  • Chlorinated Rubber Cover CoatingThe chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint) is made of chlorinated rubber, pigments, plasticizer, additives, solvents, and more. The paint film of this chlorinated rubber cover coating (chlorinated rubber paint) is tough, with weather, water and chemical resistance. This chlorinated rubber (chlorinated rubber paint) cover coating is widely applied to ships, containers, harbor machinery, concrete, and various steel structures ...

Acrylic Coating, Chlorinated Rubber Coating

1. Acrylic Coating
The acrylic coating is a kind of waterproof paint that is made of the film material, or emulsion of acrylate copolymer, pigments and fillers. It is water soluble rubber paint.

Features of Acrylic Coating:
The paint film of this acrylic coating forms continuous coating after drying. With the feature of environment-friendly and easy to use, the acrylic coating boasts to be elongation, breaking tenacity, and strong resistance to acid, alkali, and weather. Hence, it is ideal material for water prevention of buildings.

Application of Acrylic Coating:
The acrylic paint is widely used for construction coating, chemical anticorrosive paint, fire-retardant coating, and antirust coating for ships, and offshore steel structures, etc.

Types for choice:
1. B52-1 Acrylic Finish Coating
2. B52-2 Acrylic Mastic Finish Coating
3. BS52-3 Advanced Acrylic Polyurethane Finish Coating (Enamel)

1. Matting through waterproof abrasive paper is necessary if there is too long an interval from the last coating.
2. The acrylic coating should be free of water and other sundries, and all the tools involved should be dry, and clean, and the acrylic coating should be free of water, or other sundries. This coating is prepared for immediate use, so that try to use it up within 8 hours.
3. The painted item should avoid contamination by rain water and other liquids before complete drying and curing.
4. Keep the storage of this acrylic coating in low-temperature, cool, and dry places, away from the heat source, direct sunlight and kindling.
5. The surface of the products to be coated should be free of oxide skin, rust, and oil stain.
6. The substrate temperature should be at least 3℃ higher than the dew point. If substrate temperature is lower than 5℃, the paint film ceases to solidify, so it is not so suitable for painting under such conditions.
7. Stir continually to make sure there is no deposit during the coating process.
8. Avoid rain, crashes, and exposure to sunlight during transportation. The acrylic coating should be delivered in line with related regulations of the transport department.

2. Chlorinated Rubber Coating
This chlorinated rubber coating is a a kind of one-component and physically drying paint with desirable color retention, and fire retardant performance.

This chlorinated rubber coating is easy to recoat, not so sensitive to the ambient temperature, and also with excellent water resisting property and certain chemical resistance.

The chlorinated rubber coating is widely used as industrial coating in chemical plants, refineries, tank farms and bridges as well as on ships and other marine structures both above and below the waterline.

Types for choice:
1. J53-20 Chlorinated Rubber Aluminium Powder Antirust Paint
2. J53-21 Chlorinated Rubber MIO Antirust Paint
3. J53-23 Chlorinated Rubber Asphalt Antirust Paint (split charging)
4. J53-24 Chlorinated Rubber Glass Scale Antirust Paint
5. J53-25 Chlorinated Rubber Glass Scale Cover Coating
6. J52-26 Chlorinated Rubber Cover Coating
7. J52-27 Chlorinated Rubber Thick Slurry Cover Paint

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