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  • Outdoor Steel Structure Fireproof CoatingThis ZB60-1 outdoor steel structure fireproof coating (exterior steel fireproofing painting)is widely used in fireproof protection of inside and outside steel structures in petrochemical enterprises, roads, railways, and tunnels. It is solvent-based, intumescent mastic fire protective coating for structural steel, concrete, and other construction materials, for both interior and exterior applications. The exterior steel fireproofing painting is ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial environments ...
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  • Outdoor Multifunction Fireproof CoatingThis ZB60-4 type ultrathin steel fireproof coating (exterior steel structural fireproof painting) is used for outdoor steel profiles with multifunction ability. It can be widely used in the stadium, exhibition hall, airport, station waiting room, high-rise building, underground engineering and industrial plant and so on, as that exposure steel structure need to be fire protected.
    1. Steel structure surface should reach St3 descaling standard, in ...
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  • Tunnel Fireproof CoatingThis ZB tunnel fireproof coating (fireproof painting for concrete) is mainly used in concrete floor, and underground engineering of roads, railways, tunnels, and so on.
    1. The steel structure should rust processed and pre-coated with anti-corrosive primer. The quality of cement mortar and concrete base is required to meet the standard of JGJ73-91 specification in China (It is the China standard in construction and acceptance of building decoration ...

Fireproof Coating, Fireproof Paint

The fireproof coating, which is also known as fire retardant paint, is special material used for coating to the surface of combustible base products, so as to decrease the surface flammability and retarding rapid fire spreading as well as improving fire endurance. The principle of fireproof property is that, the fire-retardant coating expands when heated, and produces carbonaceous foam, which forms thermal insulating layer on the objects protected. So that the fireproof paint is able to delay the heat transmission, preventing combustion of the objects and strength degradation due to temperature rise.
Normally, fireproof coating (fireproof paint) can be classified as finishing fire retardant paint, flame retardant coating for wood, and fire-resistant coating for steel structure.

Fireproof coating (fireproof paint) is widely used in large roads, railways, tunnels, and exterior and interior steel structure in the petrochemical industry and so on.

1. Before coating the fireproof paint on objects needing to be protected, it has to be surface treatment.
2. If the fireproof coating (fireproof paint) is used in the steel structure, the surface temperature of the steel structure has to be 30℃ higher than the dew-point temperature, and the relative humidity has to be no more than 85%.
3. The coating process should be kept from rain, or protection measures should be taken.

Anti-Fire Mechanism
1. The fireproof coating (fireproof paint) has fire resistance or non-combustibility of its own. The main function is to postpone flames and lower the burning rate by means of preventing direct contact between the base materials and air.
2. The fireproof coating (fireproof paint) can delay the heat transfer from flames to the base materials with low thermal conductivity.
3. When the protected object heated, the fire resistant coating can generate non-combustible inert gases, which can thin the flammable gases from the protected objects.
4. Radicals like NO, and NH3, which is derived from the heated nitrogen-containing flame retardant coating, can combine with organic free radicals to discontinue chain reaction, so as to lowered temperature.

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