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  • High Chlorinated Polyethylene Enamel PaintThe high chlorinated polyethylene enamel paint can be applied to the surfaces of outdoor steel structures, and concrete structures for decoration and corrosion resistance.
    The chlorinated polyethylene enamel paint is made of high chlorinated polyethylene, synthetic resin, plasticizer, additives, solvents, and so on. The aluminum powder colored type is double-pot coating, with the rest packaged in one-pot. ...
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  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Cover PaintThis J52-61 type chlorosulfonated polyethylene cover paint is made of chlorinated rubber, pigments, plasticizer, additives, solvent and so on. With two components packed, the paint film is firm, and with the properties of weather, water, and chemical resistance.
    The chlorosulfonated polyethylene cover paint is extensively applied to ships, containers, harbor machinery, and a variety of steel and concrete structures...

Chlorinated Polyethylene Paint

The chlorinated polyethylene paint is applied to vanning, and locomotive engineering machinery, as well as metal and concrete structures for corrosion prevention.
The main material, high chlorinated polyethylene, known as HCPE resin, is a kind of white, light weight, finely ground particles. With the merits of no double bond in its molecular structure, and random distribution of the chlorine atoms, high chlorinated polyethylene provides strong resistance to weather, ozone, thermal ageing, flames, oil and chemicals. This HCPE resin can be utilized to substitute chlorinated rubber for making bonding adhesive. In the meanwhile, HCPE resin can serve as modifying agent of adhesives for improved adhesion, and corrosion, flame and abrasion resisting properties.
The paint made by high chlorinated polyethylene, should be kept in cool, ventilated and dry places, free from moisture.

(1) Thorough stirring is essential to make the chlorinated polyethylene heavy anti-corrosive paint uniform before coating.
(2) For the heavy-duty anticorrosive chlorinated polyethylene pain, it can be used by means of brush painting or roller coating. It is better to paint crossways and maintain at a certain rate to ensure compact, uniform and air hole-free coating. While brushing the paint, remember that the brushing frequency should not be too high, generally, three times. Otherwise, the bottom or intermediate layer is liable to be scuffed, thus causing color change of the coating.
(3) A Special thinner is always used for diluting the chlorinated polyethylene paint. And brush condition should be under low temperature after sand blasting, with the thinner content 5%-10% of the paint.
(4) The priming coating can be taken after derusting of the steel surface, and the coating should be within the interval permitted, followed by the finished primer, intermediate coat, and the final finish coat
(5) 7 days of maintenance for the coating of heavy-duty anticorrosive chlorinated polyethylene paint is required before use.

2. Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Cover Paint
This chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating is new type anticorrosive cover paint. It can successfully overcome the defects of poor adhesion, paint film flaking, low hardness and short lifetime of other conventional chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating. With unique curing system, the cover paint of chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating creates interpenetrating network crosslinking paint film, with more desirable comprehensive anticorrosive performance.

Features and Application
This chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating is with the merit of inert, fire retardant, and has excellent sealing property. So that it is firm paint film, strong adhesion, fast drying, and weather, temperature, mildew resistant properties. With single packaging, there is no need of on-site preparation. In the meanwhile, with mutual solubility between coatings, the cover paint is easy to maintenance, saving efforts in removing the former paint film. More over, it has long storage life, without skinning or clotting.

The chlorosulfonated polyethylene cover paint is widely used in ships, railway installations, marine oil production platforms, roads, bridges, pipes, chemical, melting, steel and oil equipment, and plant buildings, etc. this paint is able to prevent corrosion caused by air, sea water, acids, alkalis, salts, oils, and chemical gases.

More Types:
1. J53-81 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Antirust Paint (two components)
2. J53-82 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Middle Paint (two components)
3. J52-61 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Cover Paint (two components)
4. J52-3 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Gas Tank Anti-Corrosive Coat (primer/interim/cover, two components)
5. J52-4 Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Anti-Broken Coat (primer/cover, two components)

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