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Outdoor Multifunction Fireproof Coating

Outdoor Multifunction Fireproof Coating

This ZB60-4 type ultrathin steel fireproof coating (exterior steel structural fireproof painting) is used for outdoor steel profiles with multifunction ability. It can be widely used in the stadium, exhibition hall, airport, station waiting room, high-rise building, underground engineering and industrial plant and so on, as that exposure steel structure need to be fire protected.

Processing Flow:
1. Steel structure surface should reach St3 descaling standard, in according with anti-corrosive epoxy pre-coated primer.
2. The ultrathin steel fireproof coating (exterior steel structural fireproof painting) can only be used 24h (23±2℃) after applying the rust proofing primer. An also the fireproof paint have to be mixed fully and evenly before use. If the paint is over thick, just add no more than 5% diluent to guarantee reliable operation.
3. The optimum conditions for use are at 0-35℃, with the relative temperature less than 85%.
4. This ultrathin steel fireproof coating (exterior steel structural fireproof painting) should be coated with several times separately. While the first coating should be should be less than 200um with dry film, and then the following paints later should not exceed 300um in thickness, with the coating interval of 24hours.
5. The surface coating process can conducted 24 hours later after the finishing coat 24h (23±2℃). The surface process can greatly improve the decorative and protective property of the fireproof coating for the steel \structure. Maintenance should be taken at least every 30 days.


Inspection Items Technical Indicators
State in Container Uniform, fine, smooth, and with no clumps after mixing.
Surface Drying Time (h) ≤8h
Color White
Initial Splitting Resistance No cracks
Binding Strength (Mpa) ≥0.2
Freezing-thaw Cycling Resistance(times) ≥720 (No scaling, peeling, hollowness, or splitting)
Heat Resistance(h) ≥504 (No scaling, or peeling)
Humidity Resistance(times) ≥15 (No cracking, peeling, or blistering)
Acid Resistance(h) ≥360 (No cracking, peeling, or blistering)
Alkali Resistance(h) ≥360 (No cracking, peeling, or blistering)

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