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Epoxy Thick Slurry Cover Paint

Epoxy Thick Slurry Cover Paint

This H52-2 type slurry primer is a kind of epoxy thick slurry cover paint packaged as component A and B. It is made of epoxy resin, light resistant pigment and filler, dispersant, curing agent. This slurry primer is with the merits of great adhesion, high flexibility, and resistance to abrasion, impact, alkali, water, oil, and chemicals. Due to poor weathering resistance, surface chalking is needed after long time exposure. This slurry primer, epoxy thick slurry cover paint is used as the heavy-duty anticorrosive finish coat in steel-structure buildings.

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Mixture Ratio Component A (paint): Component B (Curing agent) =18:5
Curing Time 23±2℃: 0.5-1h
Shelf Life 23±2℃: 8h
Coating Methods Airless spraying, airbrush painting, manual brushing, and roller coating
Thinner X-7 Epoxy paint thinner
  Airless Spraying Air Spraying Manual Brushing and Roller Coating
Maximum Dilution 5% 10% 3%
Spray Holes 0.4~0.5mm 2.0~3.0mm -
Spraying Pressure 15~30MPa 0.3~0.5MPa -
Tool Cleaning X-7 Epoxy paint thinner
Paint Film Thickness Wet film: 180um, Dry film: 90um
Coating Interval Substrate Temperature 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
The shortest interval 48h 24h 12h
The longest interval 14d 7d 5d
Surface Treatment 1. In case of contaminated surfaces of preceding coating, remove all oil stains and sundries. 2. If the period exceeds the longest coating interval allowed, matting of the paint surface is necessary before subsequent coating of the two component epoxy thick slurry cover paint.
Operating Conditions The substrate temperature should be 3℃ higher than the dew point, and the relative humidity needs to be less than 85%. If the substrate temperature is below 5℃ and reaction of epoxy and curing agent stops, the epoxy thick slurry cover paint can not be applied.


Color All colors
Gloss Glossy
Theoretical Coverage 300g/m2
Specific Weight Approximately 1.14
Drying Time 23±2℃: Surface drying ≤4h, Complete drying ≤24h
Complete Curing 23±2℃: 7d
Flash Point 27℃
Storage Life 12 months
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