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  • Alkyd Iron-Red PrimerThe alkyd iron-red primer is made of alkyd modified by refined vegetable oil, iron oxide red, antirust pigments, extender pigments, dispersing agent, anti-settling agent, drier, solvents, and so on. With the great merits of strong adhesion, and rust resistance, this alkyd iron-red primer matches well with the nitryl and alkyd finish paint. The paint is used for ferrous metals as priming paint for rust prevention.
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  • Glossy Alkyd Enamel PrimerThe alkyd enamel primer is made of medium oil alkyd resin, pigments, drier, and a variety of additives and solvents, etc. With the feature of high gloss, and excellent physical and mechanical properties, this priming coat of alkyd enamel primer can dry at room temperature. The glossy alkyd enamel primer is applied to surfaces of metal and wooden products as protective and decorative coating.
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Alkyd Primer

This alkyd primer (alkyd paint) is a kind of phenolic paint with the merits of fast drying, glossy and firm paint film, strong resistance to water and chemical corrosion.
Made from alkyd resin, alkyd primer (alkyd paint) is economically priced and easy to use. The alkyd priming paint provides rich and firm paint film, durability, and excellent weather resisting, decorative and protective properties.

1. This kind of coating contains heavy pigment particles, so the alkyd primer (alkyd paint) should be mixed fully and uniformly before use.
2. There is red lead in it, so it should avoid application in closed-in cabins that need fairing, so as to prevent lead poisoning.
3. It should keep the red lead paint film away from long time exposure in air. Otherwise, the paint is easy to blanch, or change color.

More Types:
C06-1 Alkyd Iron-red Primer
C04-42 Alkyd Enamel (Resistance to Elements; Glossy)
C04-2 Universal Alkyd Enamel (Glossy)

Founded in 1976, Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and supplier of alkyd primer (alkyd paint). Besides alkyd primer (alkyd paint), we can also provide exterior wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and so on. All of our products have passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. Our products have been well received by customers from Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa. If you need high quality alkyd primer (alkyd paint) and want to know more information, please contact us freely.