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  • Industrial Anti Abrasive Floor PaintThis ZBH-1 type industrial anti abrasive floor paint, is a kind of abrasion and corrosion resistant coating, which is widely used in highly abrasion and impact resistant manufacturing shop in the fields of electric appliances, electronic machinery, instrumentation, communications equipment, food, autos, warehousing, medicines and chemical. It is particularly suits passages (road or workshop) for forklifts and cars in highly abrasion and impact resistant manufacturing shop with gloss, thick film. ...
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  • Solventless Floor PaintThis ZB tunnel fireproof coating (fireproof painting for concrete) is mainly used in concrete floor, and underground engineering of roads, railways, tunnels, and so on.
    1. The steel structure should rust processed and pre-coated with anti-corrosive primer. The quality of cement mortar and concrete base is required to meet the standard of JGJ73-91 specification in China (It is the China standard in construction and acceptance of building decoration projects). In case ...

Floor Paint, Floor Coating

The floor paint, with the other name if floor coating, is a kind of corrosion resistant paint, including epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, vinyl, water-borne floor coating, and so on. While the epoxy floor coatings is the most commonly used ones.
The floor paint can be classified as low film build and the self-leveling type, in terms of different coating methods. While, it can also fall into base coating, intermediate coating and finish coating, by means of procedures. Moreover, there is floor paint with specific functions, such as antistatic and static conductive floor paints.
With the rapid development of modern industries, there is increasingly demands for high quality floors, and also, for the floor coating.
For food and medicine industries, the interior floor paint is required to be clean, sanitary, and free of harmful volatile matter and dust.
While in the mechanical industry, enduring, abrasion, and mechanical impact resistant floor coating is in high demand.
However, in the industries of machine tools and instruments, workshop floors subject to oil corrosion and leakage, the paint with excellent oil resisting property is highly sought after. Industrial floor paint, kitchen floor paint, etc. with oil and chemical resistance is required in the chemical industry.

1. Before the panting operation, make sure the floor has been maintained for no less than 30 days, and the water ratio is lower than 8%.
2. It should avoid construction when the temperature is below 0℃ and relative humidity is over 80%.
3. The floor can be walked on 48 hours after applying the floor coating, and is capable of bearing load after 10 days.
It is specially important when choose the right floor paint for specific needs, we advise you take the following factors into account when you are choosing.
1. Mechanical Property
A. Abrasion resistance B. Pressure resistance C. Impact resistance
2. Chemical Property
A. Acid and alkali resistance B. Solvent resistance
3. Location
4. Base material conditions
A. Base strength B. Flatness C. Self-leveling treatment
5. Aesthetics
A. Color B. Gloss C. Flatness
6. Safety
7. Construction techniques
A. Foundation base treatment
B. Seal coat application
C. Leveling
D. Grinding and dust collection
E. Colored paint coating

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