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Coating, Paint

The paint, also called coating, is specially used to improve the surface properties of substratum, like the properties of appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance. It can act as both protective and decorative objects.

It is made up of liquid medium and solid pigments. And according to different classification methods, the paint can be divided into different types. For example, when classified in line with coating appearance, it falls into varnish, colored paint, matt, flat and glossy paint, hammer paint, etc. When divided in accordance to drying methods, the coating can be divided into room temperature drying, oven drying, moisture curing, steam setting, etc. When classified according to its film forming materials, it can be divided into alkyd, epoxy, chlorinated rubber and polyurethane coating, etc.

1.Regarding decorative functions, the coating can be used to dramatically improve the color, gloss, pattern and flatness of object surfaces.
2.Concerning protective function, the paint has a wide variety of protective functions for substrate surfaces, like water resistance, anti-corrosion, oil resistance, chemical resistance, light resistance, temperature resistance, and more.
3.It possesses properties of reflecting light, infrared, absorbing solar energy, and shielding rays.
4.It can also help objects to be free from noise, vibration, sweat and icing.
5.It also has many other functions, such as marking, contamination prevention, insulation, conduction, shielding of electromagnetic wave, static prevention, etc. For instance, biochemically speaking, it may be bactericidal, resistant and insecticidal. And with ablative insulation, it is high temperature resistant, fire retardant, with ablative insulation.

Founded in 1976, Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and supplier of paint coating. Besides paint coating, we can also provide indium, floor paint, wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and so on. All of our products have passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. Our products have been well received by customers from Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa. If you need high quality paint coating and want to know more information, please contact us freely.

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