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Epoxy Iron-Red Shop Primer

Epoxy Iron-Red Shop Primer

This H53-1type epoxy iron-red primer (iron red rust primer) with two components is especially suitable used in workshop, and also in those chemical equipment, oil equipment, electricity equipment, railway station, bridge, and pipeline, cars, under water equipment, acid and salt environment. It is made of epoxy resin, iron oxide red, new type anti rust pigment and filler, additive, and polyamine adduct curing agent. This epoxy iron-red primer paint (iron red rust primer) is curable at room temperature, and can dry quickly. It is packaged as component A and component B. With excellent physical and mechanical properties, the anti rust priming paint (iron red rust primer) is compatible with a variety of priming paints. As the epoxy iron-red primer contains no substances like zinc, so that during the welding process, it can generate less harmful gas.

The epoxy iron-red primer (iron red rust primer) is employed in the steel pretreatment production line of shipyards, heavy machinery plants, with the maintenance period of 3-6 months. In the meanwhile, it can be used as anti rust primer as well.


Mixture Ratio Component A (paint): Component B (Curing agent) =2.5:1
Curing Time 23±2℃: 0.5-lh
Shelf Life 23±2℃: 8h
Coating Methods Airless spraying, air spraying, manual brushing and roller coating
Thinner X-7 Epoxy paint thinner
  Airless Spraying Air Spraying Manual Brushing and Roller Coating
Maximum Dilution 10% 10% 5%
Spray Holes 0.4~0.5mm 2.0~2.5mm -
Spraying Pressure 15~20MPa 0.3~0.6MPa -
Tool Cleaning X-7 Epoxy paint thinner
Paint Film Thickness Wet film: 10um, Dry film: 25um
Coating Interval Substrate Temperature 5℃ 20℃ 30℃
The shortest interval 24h 16h 8h
The longest interval Limitless
Surface Treatment The steel surface needs treating by shot blasting or abrasion blasting, which is required to meet the Sweden derusting standard of Grade Sa2.5.
Operating Conditions The substrate temperature should be 3℃ higher than the dew point, and the relative humidity needs to be less than 85%. If the substrate temperature is below 5℃ and reaction of epoxy and curing agent stops, the epoxy iron-red shop primer can not be applied.
Subsequent Coats Epoxy resin paint, epoxy-tar paint, chlorinated rubber paint, acrylic resin paint, alkyd resin paint, phenolic resin coating, chloro-sulfonated polyethylene coating, and high-chlorinated polyethylene paint, etc.


Color Iron-red
Gloss Matt
Theoretical Coverage 160g/㎡
Specific Weight Approximately 1.15
Drying Time 23±2℃: Surface drying≤4min, Complete drying≤24h
Complete Curing 23±2℃: 7d
Flash Point 50℃
Storage Life 12 months

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