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Outdoor Steel Structure Fireproof Coating

Outdoor Steel Structure Fireproof Coating

This ZB60-1 outdoor steel structure fireproof coating (exterior steel fireproofing painting)is widely used in fireproof protection of inside and outside steel structures in petrochemical enterprises, roads, railways, and tunnels. It is solvent-based, intumescent mastic fire protective coating for structural steel, concrete, and other construction materials, for both interior and exterior applications. The exterior steel fireproofing painting is ideal for use in a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial environments where conventional fireproofing is not sufficiently rugged, lightweight or appropriate as a finish.

Processing Flow of Outdoor Steel Structure Fireproof Coating (Exterior Steel Fireproofing Painting):
1. The steel structure need to be derusting for the surface and anti-corrosive precoating primer, so that the surface of base materials is neat, dry, and oil free, which is important for the fireproof coating.
2. The uniform surface priming with 1-2mm thick is another important process before coating the thick film outdoor steel structure fireproof paint.
3. Then the ZB60-1 paint, water and special adhesive have to be mixed in the proportion of 3:2:1, while the water quantity can be slightly varied in the mixture so as to accommodate to spray finishing or smearing. This mixer is then prepared for painting.
4. This steel fireproof coating is powdery mixture, the ZB60-1 paint and water is approximately 1:0.8. In the meanwhile, it is better for instant usage, with viscous coating until, so use up the prepared paint as soon as possible.
5. Generally speaking, the first time painting should be 6-10mm thick, while the time interval from the next coating depends on environmental temperature, with 24h interval at 20℃.

Parameters of Outdoor Steel Structure Fireproof Coating (Exterior Steel Fireproofing Painting)

Inspection Items Technical Indicators
State in Container Even stiff liquid, with no clump after stirring
Surface Drying Time (h) ≤24h
Color Grey white
Initial Splitting Resistance In compliance with requirements
Binding Strength (Mpa) ≥0.04
Compression Strength(Mpa) ≥0.3
Dry Density (kg/m2) ≤500
Heat Resistance(h) ≥720 (No scaling, peeling, hollowness, or cracking.)
Humidity Resistance(times) ≥504 (No cracking or peeling)
Freezing-thaw Cycling Resistance(times) ≥15 (No splitting, peeling, or blistering)
Acid Resistance(h) ≥360 (No cracking, peeling, or blistering)
Alkali Resistance(h) ≥360 (No cracking, peeling, or blistering)
Salt Fog Resistance(times) ≥30 (No blistering, softening, or obvious deterioration)

Founded in 1976, Zhongbang Chemical Group Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and supplier of outdoor steel structure fireproof coating. Besides outdoor steel structure fireproof coating, we can also provide fireproof coating (fireproof paint), floor paint, wall paint, epoxy primer, acrylic coating, alkyd primer (alkyd paint), and so on. All of our products have passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. Our products have been well received by customers from Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Holland, India, Mexico, and many countries and regions in Africa. If you need high quality outdoor steel structure fireproof coating and want to know more information, please contact us freely.

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